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Wednesday, October 29, 2003
Bravo America's greatest News Source, The Weekly World News, has really outdone itself with this story: Osama and Saddam adopt shaved ape baby.

Tuesday, October 28, 2003
Quickie I've decided to stop using ObjectDock. It's a fine program and I think it really makes things look snappy, but I had this choice to make: A pretty desktop that gives me the blue screen of death twice a week on Windows Xp. A non-pretty desktop that is solid as a fucking rock. Maybe if they eventually release more versions of ObjectDock (it's currently in beta form) it'll gain the stability I expect from a taskbar. On another note, I hope to god to open up photoshop and try to remember how to make funny images.

Monday, October 27, 2003
Hmmm I'm trying out some Stardock desktop wizadry right now. Not their full-blooded desktop replacement software, just the objectdock program of theirs. For right now I have an object dock on the bottom of my screen and my taskbar/start-button set to auto-hide on the top of the screen. The object dock can be a little flaky but the icons are pretty and I don't seem to have lost any usability, what with the start button still being hidden away on the top corner of my screen. I never liked Apple's OS X dock because I thought it was a poor substitute for the taskbar and start button, but now that I'm using a dock merely as an addition to the start button and taskbar, I think it makes things much prettier to look at. Just the same I may revert back to my old setup if things go fluky. PS: I don't post anymore because I have papers to write and movies to see. Also Scott's wedding is a real bitch goddess that threatens to topple the entire family.

Tuesday, October 21, 2003
A dare I dare you to find something that ISN'T wrong with this Drudge Report newsflash. Anything at all, whether it be in Drudge's coverage (which uses the word "kidnap" to describe a contractual dispute) or the parents' comments and the actual content of the story. What a dirty, dirty world we live in.

Wednesday, October 15, 2003
Colored Toilet Paper I got one of those new fruity 20's in the ATM today. CNN claimed it might take weeks for them to reach ATMs, but I've got one. They're fine except that the yellow on the back is ugly and they feel more papery than the old one. It just doesn't feel like the strong cloth feel of the old 20's. That may just be because the bill is fresh and new though, unlike the worn and torn ones you usually handle.

Sunday, October 12, 2003
Not my weekend Every once in a while, fate conspires against you. Such is this weekend. Two midterms on Thursday. My ID card which includes my 50 dollar bus pass is currently lodged between two walls (I tried getting it out using dental floss, but that just lodged a roll of dental floss against the wall). I spent 3 and a half hours doing two loads of laundry today because the driers in my building were made with used pinball machine parts and break down every time you look at them. I was sick yesterday. And because my ID card is gone, I can't purchase food on campus.

Tuesday, October 07, 2003
I don't know how the knife got in my hand I swear, I just had a disassociative episode. I've known Arnold would win for a long time. It's been obvious. But actually seeing him on stage, announcing his victory, flanked by Jay Leno and Rob Lowe, I briefly thought I had fallen into another dimension. Up was down, left was right, and a man who can't even pronounce "California" was my governor. The event was rife with unintentional comedy, such as Bustamante pouring his heart out only to be cut off by Jay Leno appearing at the Arnold rally. And then of course Jay Leno checking his watch 2 minutes into Arnold's confusing and pointless speech. As far as I can tell, Arnold spend 10 minutes conveying exactly nothing. But that's alright. On the whole I'm satisfied with this election. Now everytime I turn on the local news and hear the governor speak, I know there'll be a smile on my face as Arnold produces a fanciful Austrian retelling of the events of the day. The next few years are going to be very funny. PS: I will admit that during his announcement, I briefly expected Michael Biehn to appear in a glowing time-travel orb from the future to kill Arnold before he could take office. PSS: Arnold's response to LA Times groping accusation stories: "Most of it isn't true."

Thursday, October 02, 2003
Woop If hollywood isn't going to send out videotapes and dvds of new movies to oscar people anymore, my Dad may actually have to leave the house after 5 pm to see screenings. Frankly, this whole Oscar thing just plays into my sister's hands. Now she can just tighten her grip on fathers voting habits because she's the only one in the family who actually goes out to see movies anymore. On other less hollywood topics, I'll be heading home this weekend, and I'll have to write a bloody polisci paper while home. I do plan to pig out on fastfood before Yom Kippur comes crashing down on us though. In other even less hollywood news, I'm slowly burning my face off each night with a facial wash product. I plan to burn off enough layers of skin to eventually create a life-like Simon mask which I will use for parties and advanced battle tactics (decoy Simons on every corner).

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