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Tuesday, January 27, 2004
Double Duty This post is doing double duty. I believe I've discovered the secret of the crazy ATM scam email I received a while back. The reason the spelling was so horrible was so that it could get past spam filters. Ever since a cambridge university study declared that it doesn't matter what order the letters in a word are, so long as the first and last is appropriate, spammers have decided this is a good way to send you bullshit without filters catching them. And now, let's discuss the impending New Hampshire results using the Cambridge Method. It lokos lkie Krery wlil win, folwoled by Daen, and tehn felowold way bcak by Clrak and Edadrws. Scott and I agere that Clark is crpeey and that Dean is a lsoer in genarel eltceion. My panorsel preefrecne is Edwards beuacse the press hates Kerry, but the race seems to at laest be setlitng down to the lseser of 4 evils.

Saturday, January 24, 2004
In a nutshell... A brief analysis of John Edwards. He's a lawyer. People hate lawyers. However, he's also a good public speaker because he's a lawyer His political career is young but he is not. He looks younger than all the other candidates, Bush included. He sounds a little cultish because of his religion and because he and his wife decided to help the world after their son died. Seems like Kerry and Dean have all the coverage right now, so Edwards' campaign may die due to lack of oxygen. Has little foreign policy experience, which is a bad thing, though he has more than when Bush and Clinton entered office. He projects optimism (genuine or not?). I think the Democrats could certainly do worse than him. Then again, I think his primary value as a candidate is that the press doesn't hate him. I don't know if I could put up with a Kerry win because the press hates him and they're just gonna tear into him (fairly and unfairly) just like they did with Gore. That's not exactly a ringing endorsement. The Drudgereport says they're getting dirt on Edwards, but most of it is pretty pathetic shit like "Edwards used to have a different opinion about blah blah 6 years ago." He's an interesting candidate, but with the way the nomination process works, it sounds like geographic issues are gonna decide who the next democratic candidate is. PS: I'm not too fond of Kerry, but you have to acknowledge how huge his comeback in Iowa was. He wasn't just a little behind; his campaign looked dead. It sounded like he wasn't gonna come second in a single state, let alone win Iowa.

Tuesday, January 20, 2004
Hmmm Those of you who used to read this blog when it first started probably remember that it used to be much more focused on national politics instead of college life and email scams. Well, I really haven't been able to give a shit about the democratic primaries, but now that we've actually had some sort of event (The Iowa Caucuses), I'm starting to feel a glimmer of interest. Especially since Dean and Gephardt didn't win. Dean is interesting, but he's a Democratic masturbation candidate. He lets the hardcore democrats get all riled up but I'm suspicious that a guy like him who's so easy to paint as a jerk could ever win a national election. He's got the same problem as Gore in that his personal style has become the topic of focus instead of the issues. Gephardt I just think is a joke. A remnant from some Democratic party that now only exists when asking for donations from unions. Edwards... I just have a good feeling about Edwards. I hate his accent; his stump speeches aren't really all that much better than the other candidates, but there's just something about his tone that I like better. He's more positive. Now part of that is that he hasn't come under scrutiny. I remember that I wrote about Wesley Clark when he first entered the race saying that he seemed great but only because no one knew anything about him. Kerry still seems all Massachusetts liberal to me, though a lot of pundits seem to claim that he recently made big strides in improving his stump speeches and policy proposals. But Edwards, even though he probably couldn't win reelection in his own state, just seems like a better candidate to me. Beating Bush seems pretty hopeless (I'd give his chances of reelection at about 75-80%), but Edwards sounds like a candidate that is at least different from the Gore-Kerry mold of stiff guys who are easy to paint as super liberals. These Iowa results, even though caucuses are pretty undemocratic and stupid, have given me at least some interest in the primary process and that's a start. [don't take from this post that I'm an Edwards lover or Dean hater. I'm just giving gut feelings, but I think a lot of people vote with their gut.]

Tuesday, January 13, 2004
Yeah, right, I'll just start entering my PIN number now From my email box: "Dear Citibank-Online Cleint, This email was sentt by the Citicards servers to veerify your email adress. You must cemptloe this precsos by clicking on the link below and enntering in the litle window your Citi ATM/Debit Card nummber and card pin that you use on Atm Machine. That is donne for your preotction -E- becouse some of our membres no lgoner have acsces to their email adedsrses and we must verify it. To veerify your e-mail address and akcess your Citicard account, klick on the link below. If nothing hapnpes when you klick on the link -j copie and pastte the link into the adderss bar of your web browesr." Sure thing! I'll click that link and start "enntering" in the "litle" window my card number and card pin that I use "on Atm Machine." Obviously this is a legit email from the real company seeing as how the email was spell-checked by what I can only assume was a retarded quadriplegic chimpanzee. How could these frauds go through the effort of faking the email address and creating a believeable link (an exploit of some IE bug), and then bungle the play on the 5 yard line by writing out such pathetic gibberish in the email? "preotction"!! - You better be some South African who learned English by watching the Godfather films over and over again, or you have no justification for misspelling that word so badly.

Monday, January 12, 2004
Damn Today is a sad day. My free webhosting service finally conked out. You see, there was a time many ages ago (1999), when web companies were so stupid and high on their stock offerings, that you could get almost anything for free if you gave a company your email address. Thus I had free image hosting for about 3 years. Virtualave.net hosted anything I wanted. I never once viewed their ads because everything was externally linked, and I wasted countless gigabytes of their bandwidth. They were supposed to cancel my account 2 years ago when they stopped offering free accounts, but somehow my site slipped through the cracks. I guess I expected them to give me free hosting for the rest of my life, but sadly that's not the case. They finally figured out my site shouldn't exist and deleted it. Oh well. I think I have another free image host lined up that I can scam, ehem, use for all my imagehosting needs.

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